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Core Competencies for Health Care Ethics Consultation

This report on the core competencies necessary for health care ethics consultation is intended for ethics consultants; educational programs that help prepare individuals, teams, or committees to do ethics consultations; and all health care organizations that offer ethics consultation services.

The 57-page monograph includes four sections:

    1. The Nature and Goals of Ethics Consultation
    2. Core Competencies for Health Care Ethics Consultation
    3. Evaluating Health Care Ethics Consultation Services
    4. The Ethical Dimensions of Health Care Ethics Consultation as an Emerging Professional Practice


The ASBH Board of Directors acknowledges the efforts of the Core Competencies Task Force, whose dedicated work and contributions resulted in the publication of the second edition: Robert Arnold, MD; Kenneth A. Berkowitz, MD; Nancy Neveloff Dubler, LLB; Denise Dudzinski, PhD MTS; Ellen Fox, MD; Andrea Frolic, PhD; Jacqueline Glover, PhD; Kenneth Kipnis, PhD; Ann Marie Natali, MBA MA; William A. Nelson, PhD; Mary V. Rorty, PhD; Paul M. Schyve, MD; Joy D. Skeel, MD; and Anita Tarzian, PhD RN (chair).